Best Online Flowers in UK in a Few Clicks!

Company Price Range Order
1. Moyses Stevens £60 - £110 Order
2. Bunches Starting from £16 Order
3. Serenata Flowers £10 — £200
5% Discount Code: SERENATA5
4. Bloom & Wild £23 — £285 Order
5. Arena Flowers £23 — £125.99
5% Discount Code: 1QNFRF
6. Clare Florist £22.99 — £89.99 Order
7. Post-a-Rose £15 — £145 Order
8. Prestige Flowers £19.99 — £199.99 Order

Are you, by any chance, looking for an online flower delivery service that combines fresh, gorgeous arrangements and convenient order options?

How about 10 such services?

Best Sellers

FLORAL RATATOUILLE Floral Ratatoille Price: £29.99 Order
PEACE Peace Price: £39.99 Order
Berry Charm Berry Charm Price: £24.00 Order
Autumn Freesias Autumn Freesias Price: £32.00 Order
Freesia Dreams Freesia Dreams Price: £24.00 Order
Country Garden Country Garden Price: £24.00 Order
the Charlie the Charlie Price: £23.00 Order
the Harper the Harper Price: £32.00 Order
Rose and Lily Rose and Lily Price: £19.99 Order
La Belle La Belle Price: £22.99 Order
Autumn Falls Autumn Falls Price: £26.25 Order
Mixed Carnations Mixed Carnations Price: £27.99 Order

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When searching for the best flower delivery in the UK, there are certain criteria to remember. It might be difficult since there are tons of decent services. But you need the best ones to cheer your loved ones up. After all, attention from those close to our hearts has become even more important this year.

Here, we’ll talk about the aforementioned services and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the best online flowers in the UK.

On a Quest for the Best Flower Delivery in the UK

Some of the criteria we used to look for the best flower delivery in the UK are:

  • Price;
  • Ease of use;
  • Delivery options;
  • Special features;
  • Product beauty;
  • Reviews.

“Gardens and flowers have a way of bringing people together, drawing them from their homes.” – Clare Ansberry

This sounds like a good idea, so let’s see some of the best flower delivery services we could find.

Serenata Flowers: Best Online Flower Delivery UK – Next-Day Free

Serenata Flowers offers the freshest blooms that are sent as soon as the florist finishes their job. These flowers never sit in shop windows for days before being sold or sent. Pay attention to the names of the bouquets – this company goes as far as naming every option in a unique way. Scented Moonlight, Summer Skies – what can be more romantic?

Serenata Flowers in the UK

Serenata Flowers offers:

  • Flowers for all kinds of occasions (Birthday, Anniversary, Get-Well, etc.);
  • Themed bouquets (Romantic, Thank You, Thinking of You, Congratulations);
  • House plants;
  • Gift cards;
  • Flower subscriptions.

If needed, sort the results by varieties, color, occasion, most popular options, etc.

Special Features

The company offers some great special features:

  • Free delivery within the UK all week if ordered before 9 pm on weekends and 10 pm on weekdays. Keep in mind that this is next-day delivery;
  • Budget-friendly prices;
  • Generous discounts for popular items;
  • Flower subscriptions so that you get a fresh bouquet every now and then;
  • An interesting newsletter with exclusive discounts you can find out about first.

You can also choose a type of delivery other than a free next-day one:

  • Specified-time delivery if you complete the order before 10 am;
  • Same-day delivery Monday to Saturday for £7.99 (order by 2:30 pm);
  • Morning delivery if ordered before 10 pm on the previous day for £9.99;
  • Delivery before noon or in the afternoon will cost £4.99 if ordered the previous day before 10 pm.

Even during the pandemic, the company continues to deliver 98% of orders the next day, not charging extra for delivery. This is quite a commitment to those who want to cheer their loved ones up. You can see all the delivery options on the corresponding page on the website.

As to the prices, here you can find a bouquet from £10 to £200.

Order here!

Arena Flowers: #1 Ethical Florist, Best Flower Delivery in the UK

Arena Flowers offers some of the best online flowers in the UK. If you’re looking for an ethical florist that supports charities and plants trees, this is the one. They hand-tie bouquets and support Women’s Aid, a movement that supports women and children, helping them live free from abuse. For every box you receive as a subscription, £1 is donated to the organization.

Buying flowers with a donation at the

The company offers:

  • Bouquets for any occasion;
  • Subscription flowers for as cheap as £15 per delivery;
  • Seasonal flowers;
  • Luxury bouquets;
  • Plants;
  • Gifts (choco hearts, orchids, champagne, etc.).

Sort options by price, alphabet, new to old designs and vice versa.

Special Features

Arena Flowers offers some stunning features:

  • Planting a tree if you subscribe to their mailing list, which is quite interesting and engaging, by the way;
  • All kinds of flower subscriptions. You get a box with the freshest stems and complementary greenery to complete your own gorgeous, long-lasting bouquet;
  • Planting a tree for every delivery within your subscription to fight severe deforestation;
  • Free delivery the next day if you order before 6 pm;
  • A subscription diary where you can see the journey of fresh flowers to homes all across the country;

You can order flowers online from the best florist in the UK if you create an account on the website.

The website also offers an educational corner where you’ll find information on the rewards from the company, their tree-planting activities, and more. There are also how-to guides and the journal with tons of useful stuff.

Reach the company if you have any questions using the Live Chat on your bottom right or another convenient option.

As to the prices, you can find gorgeous bouquets from £22.98 to about £125.99 and more.

Order here!

Clare Florist: Fresh Flowers to Any Part of the UK

Clare Florist is another delivery service that makes a change by donating to various charities. Currently, for example, you can order a bouquet that will support a charity for dogs due to the International Assistance Dog Week.

Aside from that, the company offers:

  • Flowers for any occasion;
  • Seasonal “Mystery” bouquet;
  • Gift sets;
  • Additions to bouquets;
  • Flower subscriptions.

Sort the products by occasion, type, or price. Look at the list of bestsellers and special offers. There’s also an Inspire Me page with special dates, star sign flowers, meanings of different florals, and more.

The best online flower delivery from Clare Florist

Special Features

Here are some special things you can get with the company:

  • An interesting email newsletter with the latest trends in the floral industry, newest offers, and generous sales;
  • 7-day freshness guarantee for all options on the website;
  • Various bouquet types, including special ones like star sign, birth month, meaning-connected flowers, etc.;
  • Rainbow collection with stunning, colorful options;
  • Flower subscriptions for 3 and 6 months where you get a flower box every month. They all include free standard delivery;
  • Free next-day delivery (working days, mainland UK);
  • The direct transporting system that has proven useful for almost 40 years the service delivers flowers to UK homes;
  • Interesting articles about flower care available on the website.

For convenience, create an account on the website and you’ll be able to order any bouquet or gift basket online in several minutes. You can reach the company using email, or a phone. There is a hotline open for customers from 9 am to 5 pm.

According to the Satisfaction Guarantee of the service, you can leave a message using a hotline and get a solution in up to 3 working days. You’ll be notified additionally about every stage of the process.

As to the prices, you can find options at a discount for as cheap as £22.99.

Order here!

Post-a-Rose: Flowers and Hampers for Any Occasion

Post-a-Rose offers a great range of flowers from carnations to peonies, but the most important product by the company is, as the name implies, roses. They keep cheering people up and giving them the best regards from friends and family, arranging contact-free deliveries.

Post-a-Rose flowers

The company offers:

  • Seasonal flowers;
  • Regular flowers for any occasion;
  • Letterbox flowers;
  • Deluxe bouquets;
  • House plants;
  • Hampers, etc.

Sort the products by price, occasion, or type to make sure you get just the bouquet you’ve been dreaming about.

Special Features

Among all, here are some awesome features:

  • Gorgeous hampers for any occasion, filled with delicious food, drinks, etc.;
  • Seasonal flowers, fresh from the farms;
  • Add-ons such as helium balloons and other gifts;
  • Flower care tips from professionals so that your bouquets can stay fresh for a longer time;
  • Contact-free deliveries during the quarantine;
  • A reminder service that will send you a notification about an upcoming occasion you wanted to send flowers for;
  • Care instructions and a Crystal rose conditioner sachet in the package along with your card.

As most websites do, this one provides an opportunity to order your favorite bouquet online. Create an account for the most convenient use of the service. 94% of orders arrive the next day and reasonable delivery rates of the First Class Parcel Post help the service keep their prices competitive.

The packaging is aimed at flower delivery in the best condition. You can put the bouquet right in the vase as soon as you get it without changes in the form.

There‘s a convenient FAQ page where you’ll find answers to the questions that customers are usually interested in. If your question isn’t on the list, make sure you contact the customer support.

The price range is very pleasing – from £15 to £145.

Order here!

InterRose: 1 to 999 Roses for Your Favorite Person

InterRose is a kingdom of all kinds of roses. It’s easy to get lost in the variety of types and colors. Their most special offer is called a Happy Rose, where all colors of the rainbow are united and intertwined with one another in one flower! Anything from cute first-date bouquets to proposal gifts with 999 roses is available here.

The company is in the online flower business from 1999, offering reasonable prices and breathtaking florals!

The service offers:

  • Freedom red rose;
  • Naomi red rose;
  • Black tinted rose;
  • Black baccara rose, etc.

You can find offers with single roses in boxes, sets containing a dozen of roses, a Rose Club, a Year of Roses, and other options. If you’re looking for a certain type or color, you can sort the products by that criterium.

Special Features

Some of the most special features the service offers are:

  • Ordering from 1 to 999 roses, combining different types and arranging them in different ways;
  • Rose petals in jugs. One jug costs from £34.00;
  • Special offers for those who could use a discount;
  • A newsletter with behind the scenes materials, sales, and discount codes only for the subscribers;
  • Gift add-ons for the most extraordinary offers;
  • Lots of delivery options: free, pre 9 am, pre 10:30 am, pre-noon, weekend deliveries, etc.;
  • Rainbow Roses set that is a selection of roses of different colors, made by a professional florist.

interROSE flower delivery in the United Kingdom

Take your time to wander on the website, peeking in different categories. The range of roses on the website is impressive, and if you have any questions, you can always contact the support team of the service.

As to the prices, you get some of the most loyal offers for rare roses. One letterbox rose costs £14.99, while classic roses start from the quantity of two for £23.99. A popular set of 101 roses costs £238.10, and an amazing set of 999 roses will cost you £1704.99.

Order here!

Bloom: Best Faux Flower Company

One of the most convenient and special options on the list, Bloom offers a wide range of silk flowers of the best quality.

The Trustpilot score of the company is 4.0, based on over 2,000 reviews.

The company has a website that can be customized for your convenience. There are three font sizes to choose from so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to read the small print.

You can create an account and order using it for more comfort. It doesn’t take a long time yet provides a ton of benefits, especially if you plan on ordering more than once. They also have a customer support team to answer all your questions as soon as possible.

Bloom that's the best online flowers in the UK

There are sections such as:

  • New seasonal flowers;
  • Flower arrangements;
  • Bouquets;
  • Plants;
  • Stems;
  • Accessories, and more.

You can search by color or occasion and sort by price.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly version, there’s a separate Sale section with arrangements available at a discount.

Special Features

Some of the special features include:

  • An opportunity to track your order via the website (your phone number and postcode needed);
  • A chance to request a catalog to be sure you order what you need from the best online florist in the UK;
  • Affordable prices – you can find an option for as cheap as £19.
  • An email subscription that allows you to get all the news, collection updates, etc. first;
  • An extra treat – delivery is free if you order for £60 and more.

Keep in mind: If you have used the company’s services before, remember this is a new website and you have to register a new account. In case you have the old password in an autofill, it won’t let you log in.

Order here!

Bloombox Club: A Company with a Deep Meaning

This is one of the coziest companies with a deep meaning behind it. Bloombox Club was created by Dr of Psychology Katie Cooper. Plant care is considered a therapy and can trigger life-changing transformations. Interested in giving something like that to your loved one?

You can order a delivery of a plant for a certain purpose or even start a subscription. Being surrounded by nature, we calm down and become more united with our true selves, our “nature”.

Another perk of plant delivery is that they won’t fade after some time if you take good care of them! They get nurturing, you get cleaner air, better mood, and more aesthetically pleasing, alive home.

The company offers the following plant collections:

  • Immune-Boosting Plants;
  • Pet-friendly Plants;
  • Large Plants;
  • Rare Finds;
  • Desk and Office Plants.

Plants are also categorized by the room you want to put them in. There’s a wide range of options for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, etc.

Bloombox Club is the best place to order flowers online in UK

Special Features

Here are some of the special features you get:

  • Contact-free delivery due to quarantine;
  • Plants straight from growers;
  • Online order option;
  • Gift vouchers for as cheap as £10;
  • Subscriptions for a monthly plant (3, 6, or 12 months) starting from £35 per month;
  • Plant gifts from £11.

With a subscription, every month you get a plant, a pot, and a care card. They deliver across the UK and delivery costs are included in the price of plants and plant subscriptions.

Order here!

Zing Flowers: Flowers for Every Budget

Zing Flowers offers a variety of gorgeous bouquets, every one hand-tied especially for you or your loved one. The site is filled with useful information, interesting pieces on various topics, and lots of convenient delivery options.

Here’s what you can find on the website:

  • A wide range of bouquets;
  • Gifts;
  • Plants, etc.

On the list of options, you can set a filter to see bouquets under £30, options for a letterbox, plants, etc. Sorting is also available in alphabetical order, by price, and new/old designs.

Best online flowers from Zing Flowers company

Special Features

Among all, here are some awesome features:

  • Next-day delivery for £4 (£8.99 for Saturday delivery) if you order before 6 pm unless you order on Saturday. The company doesn’t deliver on Sundays.;
  • A bi-weekly newsletter with interesting information about the company, flowers, and the latest offers;
  • A blog where you can find a lot of useful and interesting pieces to read;
  • Same-day delivery for £7.50 if ordered before noon (mainland UK);
  • An opportunity to share your orders with the company by mentioning them on Instagram and using the #ZINGFLOWERS hashtag.

To make your experience as pleasant as possible, you can create an account on the website and make orders online. It’s fast and easy, and if you have a question, the customer support is always there to help out. If you’re not familiar with how online ordering works, use a domestic or international phone number.

The customer support is available Monday to Friday from 8 am to 9 pm, and from 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday. Keep in mind that a reply to your email might come during the next couple of days if it’s Mother’s Day or another busy season for the service.

You can find options as cheap as £16 on the website.

FloraQueen: Best Online Florist in the UK

Another best online flower delivery in and to the UK offers FloraQueen. They have centers in several countries across Western Europe. This company is in the flower business for more than 16 years, helping millions of people show their love all around the world.

Special Features

Here are some convenient features of the service:

  • International delivery to over 100 countries worldwide;
  • Convenient search where you put a delivery date, location, etc. and find the best possible option for the day and place;
  • Fresh flower arrangements prepared 48 hours and less before the delivery;
  • Sweet and pleasant additions such as choco baskets;
  • Great discounts to up to 40% for those who need a low-budget version;
  • One-time 15% discount if you choose to subscribe to the email newsletters from the company with lots of useful information.

We recommend subscribing because it’s not a newsletter that tries to lead you into buying extra stuff. The company provides useful articles about flowers you can read for leisure or to make sure you choose the best bouquet possible for the occasion.

FloraQueen: Best Online Florist in the UK

As to the prices, regular arrangements will cost you around £40-£50 and the fancier ones start at about £120. To browse those, go to the VIP section of the website. Keep in mind that the delivery fee isn’t included because every country has a different fee. On average, you’ll have to pay £6.30-£11 extra for the delivery.

If there are any questions as to the work of the service, you can always turn to customer support. On the website, there’s a Live Chat and other options on the Contact Us page. This will make sure you calculate the final price correctly and the delivery will go smoothly.

So, if you’re after some of the best flowers by post in the UK, consider FloraQueen as one of the most secure and gorgeous options.

1 Stop Florists: Best Online Flowers in the UK

1 Stop Florists offer:

  • Gift baskets;
  • Birthday gifts;
  • Wine baskets for any occasion;
  • Mother’s Day bouquets and baskets, and more.

You can also sort the options by the high or low price, as well as the rating (best sellers will be on top). If there’s a current holiday or a week devoted to it, there’s a section for it too.

Special Features

Among all, here are some awesome features:

  • You can choose a bouquet by color;
  • Lots of delivery options are available, including same-day delivery if you place an order before 2 pm (Monday to Friday);
  • Convenient international delivery. You can get more info by calling their 800 number;
  • There are seasonal blooms that are updated regularly.

You can create an account and order flowers right from the website! There’s also an “Order Status” button that will show you what stage your bouquet is at. No more worries as to how the company contacts buyers to notify them about the delivery.

Best flower delivery in the UK from 1 Stop Florists company

Keep in mind that flowers cannot be delivered to APO addresses, P.O. boxes, certain rural areas in the United Kingdom, and airports. Knowing this will make your experience much better and avoid misunderstanding.

The company guarantees the delivery, given you provide a complete address and contact information. This is called a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you can find out more about it by contacting the customer support of the company.

It’s also useful to know that if you order bouquets, balloons, and/or fruit baskets from 1 Stop Florists and pick an option of local florist delivery, there will be a humble transmission fee included in the price. There’s an easy-to-use Help/FAQ page on the website for all general questions about flower delivery.

This company offers some of the best online flowers in the UK for a reasonable price. You can find a bouquet for £31.50 or choose are fancier one for around £134.

FAQ on Choosing and Using the Best Place to Order Flowers Online in/to the UK

How can I determine a good flower delivery service?

A lot of criteria are based on personal preference. Do you like natural or faux flowers? Basket or no basket? Maybe a plant? What order option suits you the best?

But of course, there are also things that must be provided:

  • High quality of overall service;
  • Effective customer support;
  • Aesthetically pleasing arrangements;
  • Fresh flowers;
  • Guarantees (all kinds of refunds, freshness guarantees, etc.);
  • Easy-to-use website;
  • Several delivery options;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Different price ranges to choose from (in case you need a versatile service), etc.

It might take some time until you find a company to suit your taste, but we’re sure the best florist in the UK is already waiting for you.

Are faux flowers any good?

If they are from high-quality materials and made by professionals, sure! Silk flowers, for example, look just like real ones but you can enjoy their beauty for a much longer time. If in doubt, there are inexpensive arrangements on Bloom’s website. Try ordering one and you’ll see how beautiful an artificial flower can be!

How can I make sure my order will be delivered?

There are several things you can do:

  • Provide as much information as you can;
  • Write full versions of phone numbers, addresses, names, etc;
  • Check all the fields several times;
  • Make sure you get confirmation;
  • Make sure you have enough money on the card you’re listing.

Usually, everything you can do is related to the info the service requires. If you find a mistake after the order has been confirmed, call the company asap to fix it. A lot of services also provide customer support in the form of a chat or email, but sometimes a simple call is the fastest way to get customer support.

Can I order flowers from another country to the UK?

Sure! A lot of companies offer international delivery. They usually have connections with local florists in certain countries that can take your order and create a gorgeous arrangement almost identical to the one you’ve chosen on the website.

To find out if the company of your choice delivers internationally, check the footer or menu on the website or contact their customer support team.

Is there a delivery fee?

Usually, there is. It depends on the country, city, type of delivery, and service. Some companies offer free delivery if you order for a certain amount of money or if you’re a new customer. The information about the delivery policies can be found on the websites of the companies. If you’re in a hurry, customer support is always a good idea.

But of course, it’s better to try and search the site for answers first to respect the operators’ time. This kind of information is usually given in the Help or FAQ sections, in case there’s no Delivery section.

Flower Delivery in the UK: Customer Reviews

To give you a taste of the experience you may get when ordering or receiving a bouquet or a basket, we present some of the flower delivery reviews from the UK customers.

Henry Lloyd about the best online flower delivery in UKHenry Lloyd
«I’ve found out about flower delivery services relatively recently. The Internet isn’t my best skill, so I figured it would be difficult to find something online, let alone order a bouquet. However, the whole process took about 15 minutes with the help of FloraQueen’s customer support. Thank you!»

Review from Caitlin TalbotCaitlin Talbot
«Getting flowers from a person who can’t be with you on an important day is precious. Now I know what it means to cry from happiness. Never though a bunch of beautifully organized flowers can have such an effect on people.»

Rhys Woods's review about the best flowers by post in the United KingdomRhys Woods
«Can you imagine the stress I was under when I found out the gift for our anniversary wouldn’t come on time? I Googled for help and suddenly, flower delivery popped up. What a relief that was! A giant arrangement with a wine basket made our romantic evening complete and my heart calm.»

Cerys Allen from UKCerys Allen
«Thanks, Bloom, for persuading me faux flowers can be of high quality. Now all our house is getting filled with gorgeous bloom, no matter the holiday. These florals are gorgeous and may I say eternal. There’s no need to maintain them rather than dusting from time to time.»

Review from William & Niamh FarrellWilliam & Niamh Farrell
«Ordering flowers online is one of the best ideas I’ve ever gotten. It’s perfect for birthdays when you don’t know what to get or as an addition to your present. Anniversaries are even better with a huge bouquet and balloons. Get well wishes are much better with a pretty flower arrangement.»

Melissa Holloway - United KingdomMelissa Holloway
«Do you remember those moments in movies when someone opens their door to a delivery person holding a gorgeous bouquet? I was dreaming about being the heroine of just such a moment, and today my dream came true. Delivery services provide people with an everyday dosage of happiness, and I’m very grateful for it!»

Review from Sienna James about flower delivery in the UKSienna James
«Thank you, Bloombox Club, for the monthly subscription. I get a pretty plant, a cute pot, and a care card every month as a surprise. My home has become so much cozier because now I have all kinds of flowers in there. Even the air has changed, or maybe I just become happier haha.»

You can also find more reviews about the best place to order flowers online in the UK on Trustpilot. A lot of companies provide information about current ratings on their websites.

Make Your Loved One Smile with the Best Flowers by Post in the UK

Smiles are more important than you might think. Some even say the physical act of smiling or laughing can boost our mood by sending signals to our brains that we’re happy. And while we are no neuroscientists, it’s a known fact that flowers can make someone’s day.

There must be at least one person in your surroundings that could use an additional reason to smile. And it will take you around 10 minutes to place an order that “reason”. The best florists in the UK are always ready to assist!