About the Project: Looking for the Best Flower Deliveries for You

Hi there!

You must be looking for some of the best flower delivery services in the United Kingdom, is it right?

The search leads to thousands of websites, a lot of them very beautiful and promising. In the UK, there are over 14,000 florist businesses. You can see those on the result page in Google. Besides, there are services from other countries that offer international delivery. They are also mentioned on the result page, sometimes even higher than the original UK deliveries.

And you should pick one that will suit you the best!

This is tough, and choosing the first service you see might be a mistake. That’s why we are here with this project.

What’s Our Goal?

The goal is to save you time for research and present some of the best UK florists in short but informative reviews. We spend days investigating online services, comparing them, finding the best offers and discounts. Our team then condenses the main information and frames it in an easy-to-read way.

Every bit of data goes through several checks before being published, so rest assured that every word and number is reliable.

Who’s Behind the Project?

Behind every project, there are people and tech that work hard to make the idea work.

Our team is quite modest:

1. A marketing specialist responsible for the research of the best flower delivery services – Andrii Afanasiev

Marketing specialist Andrii Afanasiev

2. ContentAdore content agency, responsible for writing and “framing” the articles you see here.

ContentAdore content agency

We’re working hard discussing every review, every article, making them as close to perfection as possible. If you are short in time or aren’t fond of online research, this source will come in handy!

What the Project Can Offer You

We’re aiming to become one of the most informative, easy-to-use resources about flower delivery companies. Here’s what the service can offer so far.

High-Quality Review Compilation on the Main Page

To not confuse you with information about the website first, we’re presenting a large review compilation of the best flower delivery services in the UK on the main page. You get information before even finding out about the project! However, we do recommend surfing the website to find out more about our idea.

List of Companies and Their Overviews by City

In the menu on your top right, there’s the Cities section. There you can find similar informative reviews of great flower deliveries by city, like the best flower companies in London. You may see the same companies there but with more specific info as to how to get florals to a certain UK city or town.

Tables at the Beginning of Each Article

To get dry data on the companies presented in the articles, refer to the table at the beginning.

There are:

  • Company names;
  • Links to their official websites;
  • Price range;
  • “Order” button for a fast purchase.

The tables are useful for those people who are more interested in pricing and prefer to look for the right bouquet on the website of the company. We only choose services that offer easy online orders for your convenience.

A Blog with Additional Information on Flower Delivery

If you’re not sure if using an online flower delivery is the kind of thing you want to do to cheer someone up or congratulate them, refer to our blog. Find out how to send flowers in the easiest way, why it’s a good idea, and more.

By the way, you can suggest blog post topics to our team!

Customers’ Reviews and Impressions of Online Flower Delivery

We gather some of the most interesting, engaging reviews by people who have sent or received flowers. Some did it for the first time; some have broken the records by choosing and ordering a bouquet on a familiar website in just 3 minutes!

A Useful Newsletter with the Freshest Flower Articles

Insert your name and email, and you’ll get a letter every time we post a new article or review. We promise you not to send dozens of letters every day. And you, please, promise us you’ll open those emails and treat yourself to fresh flower info every now and then!

Great Mood and Inspiration

Maybe a weird claim, but we really try to make our articles cheerful to ensure you get that serotonin levels high! Everything about flowers is very joyful and beautiful, and the idea was to create a service that would be useful and also associated with a flower.

So, if you’re after a bright spark on a gray day, here it is!

What We Get for It?

It’s worth mentioning that the project earns commission from sales on the services we describe. This is essential, as the money is mostly used to improve the website and perform better for you.

Implementing an idea requires quite a lot of investment, and some businesses get it from irrelevant ads that can be quite annoying. We, on the other hand, only review companies that offer:

  1. High-quality services;
  2. Friendly customer support;
  3. Convenient order process;
  4. Secure payments;
  5. Wide range of flowers;
  6. Freshness guarantee (in one or another form).

As you can see in the footer of the website, “We just want to make you happy!”. Our team thinks that flowers bring lots of joy to people, yet some give up looking for a decent service. It’s much easier to go to one website, see a great range of flower delivery companies, and choose the most suitable for your goal, right?

There’s so much beauty on those services! Custom bouquets, gift baskets, and don’t get us started on flower subscriptions…they open a whole new door to showing someone you care about them. Read our reviews to find out more!

Ask Us Questions

If there are any questions as to the work of the service, updates, newsletter, etc., please, feel free to contact us by:

  • Filling an online form;
  • Phone;
  • Email.

All the information is present on the Contact Us page, and we’re looking forward to Qs, propositions, and reviews of our service. You can share your experience with flower delivery and offer topics we should cover to make the website even more interesting.

Till next time!

Be gorgeous, be happy, BeMyFlowers!