Post-a-Rose: Combining Beauty, Quality, and Reliability in Every Bouquet

Are you, by any chance, a roses fan? Maybe also a fan of friendly customer support and gorgeous, colorful bouquets with roses? Do we have just the service for you then!

Post a Rose gives this and much more to anyone who happens to visit their website. Anything from tulips to roses, beautifully wrapped and delivered with care, no matter the circumstances.

You will love this company and its special features. If you’ve ever forgotten about a gift, you’ll love their most prominent service 28(aside from delivery, of course).

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Post a Rose: What You Get with the Company

There, you can buy:

  • Letterbox flower delivery;
  • Luxurious, huge arrangements;
  • Seasonal bouquets;
  • House plants;
  • Hampers for those who need something extra.

Get a suitable choice for any occasion with a convenient sorting feature. Sort the results by type of flowers, price, or holiday!

Post a Rose sorting feature

The service is very customer-oriented, so we’re sure you’ll find something great there.

Special Features

Post a Rose has a lot up their sleeves for you, including:

  • Hampers for any occasion and interest;
  • Flower care recommendations that will help you maintain the freshness of flowers for a longer time;
  • Add-ons in case you’ve forgotten to get a gift with the flowers (it happens);
  • A reminder function: leave a reminder for yourself on the service, and you’ll be notified that you planned an order;
  • Contact-free deliveries while the pandemic is around;

Another sweet bonus is that with the flowers, the recipient gets care instructions, a greeting card, and one sachet of Crystal rose food for your bouquet.

As to the prices, the service welcomes everyone, no matter the money. You can find bouquets from £15 up to £145. Both cheaper and more expensive options are handled with the same love and care.

If you want to send the flowers farther, don’t worry about the package. The bouquets aren’t only beautifully hand-tied and placed in a gift box but also secured inside so that once the recipient opens the box, there’s a ready-to-look-at piece of heaven.

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PostaRose FAQ: Everything You Need to Know Before Ordering

To save you time for research and surfing the PostaRose website, we’ve gathered answers to the most frequent questions by potential buyers. We get a lot of them about all kinds of services, so rest assured that every answer is reliable!

What’s the delivery cost?

/Drumroll/ The delivery is free! To be more precise, it’s included in the final price of the product. Thanks to First Class Parcel Post, the partners of Post a Rose that are in charge of the delivery, the company can keep the prices very affordable and don’t charge a lot for delivery.

Special deliveries have to be discussed beforehand and may cost an extra £4.50 or £7.50.

How do I order through the service?

Ordering online is by far the most convenient way. The company accepts card payments via:

  • Visa;
  • Mastercard;
  • Delta;
  • Solo;
  • Switch.

There are no long forms or lots of redundant questions. All you have to do is to choose the necessary bouquet, click on it, fill in the needed information, and pay! You’re charged in the local currency according to the relevant exchange rate.

Is it safe to order flowers online?

Yes, if you’re using a reliable service like Post a Rose, of course. The website uses safe security encryption called SSL (Secure Socket Encryption). The payments are handled automatically, so there’s no way you can become a part of a fraud.

As we’ve said, the service is very customer-oriented. If there are any other questions left, please, refer to the FAQ page on the website of the company or contact their customer support.

Let us give you a recommendation: when you find a service that is perfect for you, stick to it. We know you might have lots of requirements but gladly, we have a lot of companies in mind that will become your best friends when it comes to flowers and gifts. Post a Rose should definitely be there because they handle every stage of flower delivery as gracefully as the bouquets themselves!

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