Serenata Flowers: The Perfect Surprise for Any Occasion

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It’s been said many times how special a delivered bouquet can become. It’s not only a way to congratulate someone on their birthday, engagement, baby shower, etc. A flower arrangement can become the best expression of your feelings.

We all know how awkward talking about your feelings can be. Some people start to cry before even trying to say, “You mean a lot to me, I love you, and I’m so grateful you’re in my life.” But you know what will say it without tears? A sweet bouquet with a heartwarming note.

And we have just a company that will help you arrange everything – Serenata Flowers in the UK is one of the most convenient services, so let’s get familiar with it.

Top Bouquets

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AMBER VIXEN Amber Vixen Price: £49.99 Order
AZTEC SUN Arrangement Aztec Sun Price: £29.99 Order
Serenata Midsummer Dream Midsummer Dream Price: £99.99 Order
Bella Flowers Bella Price: £39.99 Order
Radiant Delight Radiant Delight Price: £24.99 Order
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Twilight Arrangement Twilight Price: £29.99 Order
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Serenata Flowers Review: Making Floral Dreams Come True

Disclaimer: this Serenata Flowers review is based on the information from their official website and customer reviews. We research every fact and number, so rest assured you’re getting relevant information. And the super excited tone of the review means we just want you to be in a good mood!

So, SerenataFlowers offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Bouquet delivery for a special occasion or “just because.” There are some interesting categories there like “Thinking of You;”
  • House plant delivery for those who are more inclined towards a longer-lasting commitment (you’ll definitely take care of a plant for a longer time than of a bouquet);
  • Flower subscriptions – an incredible idea that allows you to send someone flowers every month without having to remember about it;
  • Letterbox flowers – a box with a bouquet delivered into your recipient’s letterbox. Very convenient if you’re not sure when they’re at home;
  • Seasonal flower delivery (click the button, link, or banner on the main page that says “Autumn flowers,” etc.).

In the menu on the website, you’ll find lots of categories like Most Popular, By Color, By Variety, etc. This navigation will help you choose the best bouquet or plant, depending on your budget, kind of order, and color preferences of the recipient.

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More on Flower Subscriptions

The subscriptions are from £24.99 to £39.99 per delivery. You can choose to send flowers every week, two weeks, or month. Standard delivery rules apply (meaning it’s FREE), and you can cancel the subscription anytime, which is a great feature.

A lot of services offer a 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscriptions that are more difficult to cancel. Here, there are no limits. And the first delivery comes with a FREE vase worth £12.99!

There are three kinds of subscription at the moment:

  • Happiness for £24.99;
  • Delight for £29.99;
  • Euphoria for £39.99.

To order a subscription, choose a type, the frequency of deliveries, the first delivery date, and hit “Subscribe.” The payment options are plenty, which adds to the comfort.

Other Special Features Serenata Flowers Offer

Here are some of the most prominent benefits you’re getting when choosing the company:

Serenata Flowers discount codes

For example, there’s the hot Serenata Flowers voucher code for all orders to the end of this week. You will get 10% off for any product.

Just copy & paste this 10% promo code – SERENATA5 in the field “Promotional code” of the checkout page as you see on the image below:

Serenata Flowers discount code

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Leave your email on the website and get letters with the newest bouquets, discounts, and special offers.

All budgets welcome

There are gorgeous arrangements and plants available from £10 to £200. All flowers are as fresh as they are beautiful, differing only by size and types of flowers used.

International delivery

If your loved one lives in another country, Serenata Flowers will make sure you can reach them on an important day or just to say “Hi! I miss you.” From the United States to Australia, flower delivery knows no boundaries.

The names of the bouquets on make the whole experience even more special. “Cranberry Sorbet,” “Darling Delight,” and such names make us want to order flowers for a partner and write poetry.

Who knows, maybe you’ll also get inspired and write a piece about

Darling Delight on that cozy night, with the stars so bright and your heart so light.

See? Easy!

SerenataFlowers FAQ: Ordering, Delivery, Support

Everything sounds great, but we know you have questions as to the delivery, payment, etc. So here are some basic answers.

What are the payment options?

Use one of the following payment options:

  • Visa;
  • Mastercard;
  • Maestro;
  • American Express;
  • Visa Electron;
  • Solo.

Make sure you have online purchasing available for your card and contact the bank or the payment service if there are any issues. If the order can’t be completed, notify Serenata Flowers as well to see how they can help.

What are the terms of Serenata Flowers delivery?

Serenata Flowers delivery options are plenty:

  • The next day delivery is available if you order by 10 pm Mon to Fri and 9 pm Sat to Sun;
  • Specific time delivery is available if you order by 10:30 am;
  • Same day delivery is also available if you order by 2:30 pm for £7.99 Mon to Sat;
  • Morning delivery (£9.99), or before noon/afternoon delivery (£4.99) is arranged if you order before 10 pm the previous day.

Are flowers from Serenata fresh?

Flowers from Serenata are always fresh. The bouquets aren’t pre-made and stand in the shop windows before being delivered to the recipient. Every arrangement is tied as soon after the order as possible to be delivered according to your date.

The Bottom Line

Be sure to contact the customer support on serenataflowers com if you have more questions. Click “Contact Us?” and ask questions online during working hours or leave a message and your email address on the Serenata Flowers website.

This company creates really beautiful bouquets and is available throughout the UK. The terms of delivery and payment options are very beneficial and convenient for the buyer.

And they have been delivering even during the pandemic, with a whopping 98% of orders still delivered on time. If you imagine how many people are staying at home and order flower deliveries instead of visiting relatives themselves, you know how much 98% is.

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