Get to Know the Flowercard Company

Our job is to surf the online flower industry to find the best companies for you. Lately, we’ve been interested in Flowercards. These are the cutest bouquets of fresh blooms arranged inside a greetings card and completed with a personal message from you. How cool is that?

To make sure we don’t come empty-handed to you just screaming about how sweet these gifts are, we’ve embarked on a journey to the best delivery service. And we have found it!

Flowercard is one of the oldest and most experienced flower delivery companies in the UK. Their florists specialise in creating flower arrangements in a card, but they also do a beautiful range of Trugs, flowers in teacups and even flowers in pretty boxes – all personalised with your message.

Every gift is made to order, and they work with a team of talented British artists to come up with their gorgeous designs.

Bestsellers from the Flowercard Company

Sending Sunshine by the Flowercard Sending Sunshine Price: £15.00 Order
The Wild Garden The Wild Garden Price: £24.00 Order
Butterfly Dream Butterfly Dream Price: £24.00 Order
Love You Loads at the Love You Loads Price: £24.00 Order
Strawberry Meadow Strawberry Meadow Price: £24.00 Order
Birthday Buzz at the Birthday Buzz Price: £24.00 Order
Birthday Love Birthday Love Price: £24.00 Order
Cloud of Freesias from the Flowercard company Cloud of Freesias Price: £24.00 Order
Hap-Bee-Birthday! Hap-Bee-Birthday! Price: £24.00 Order
Pink Bubbles Pink Bubbles Price: £24.00 Order
Condolence Condolence Price: £24.00 Order
Floral Hug by the Flowercard Ltd Floral Hug Price: £28.00 Order

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BeMyFlowers team has prepared a whole review of the company for you to get familiar with it and make an informed decision.

This isn’t an ordinary bio of the company, so stick with us for some useful facts, engaging questions, and interesting answers!

Flowercard Company: How It Started

The Flowercard company was established back in 2000. 21 years is a long time to gain massive experience. A team of enthusiasts has found the best place to get florals from.

The blooms you send with the help of the service come from the Channel Island of Guernsey, well-known for the beauty and quality of its flowers.

This sounds as fancy as it actually is!

By 2015, the online delivery service had processed more than 1.5 million orders from people all around the UK. These staggering numbers make the UK’s Flowercard one of the largest bloom card businesses.

Over time, the company has evolved, partnering with:

  • Leading stylists;
  • Card designers;
  • Artists;
  • Pro florists.

As a result, the team has accumulated a large number of unique flower cards made with freshly cut blooms arranged beautifully in a card containing your message to the recipient. Their offers look chic, cute, and so fresh it seems dewdrops are still on those flowers that smell like heaven.

Flowercard Company

Here are some reference points on how the business is going:

  • Millions of orders all over the country;
  • Flowers staying fresh for up to 14 days;
  • A wide variety of occasion-specific cards and flowers;
  • Tin caddy bouquets available;
  • Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers;
  • Over 10,000 testimonials from grateful clients.

So, the business is going alright! As you visit the company website, you’ll get submerged in an atmosphere of beauty, light, and coziness. It doesn’t feel like a regular online order when you have concerns and can’t understand how to finish the transaction. It feels more like you’re working directly with a professional florist, sure that your loved one will get the best gift.

Every card is protected by the Flowercard Watertight Guarantee. This means that if there’s a mishap (which almost never happens), you’ll get a 100% refund.

There’s more information and an amazing selection of flower cards on If you want to engage with Flowercard Ltd on social media (we definitely do), check out their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Maybe we’ll meet there one day, who knows!

Info Only for Flower Enthusiasts

On the website, you can find a blog filled with useful information about blooms, cards, the industry, etc. There are also numerous ideas for inspiration that will leave you in awe. So, if you’re not sure what to order, just spend several minutes on that blog, and the image will come to you.

Another way to keep in touch with Flowercard is by subscribing to their newsletter. You’ll get emails with new floral ideas and the best offers by the service. It’s like a club for the chosen ones, and we’re sure you’ll benefit from joining!

Now, let’s get some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

FAQ on Flowercard Delivery: TOP Questions and Answers

Find out everything you need to know about discounts, benefits of the service, delivery, and more in this section!

Can I Get a Flowercard Discount Code?

Sure, we won’t leave you without a present!

BeMyFlowers team would like to give you a very special discount code for a 10% off flower card. The Flowercard voucher code (it’s a secret) is AFF15NEW.

Also, when visiting the official Flowercard site for the first time, you’ll see a pop-up window that will offer you a 10% discount. Click the “Redeem” button, and the discount will apply to the flower card you put in the order basket.

A Flowercard discount is a wonderful welcoming gift from the company that will leave a pleasant impression!

What Kinds of Blooms Flowercard offers?

Flowercard offers an enormous range of flowers. Orchids, freesias, carnations, roses, and other blooms are available. Visit, choose the occasion you need a card for, and look at the sheer volume of offers!

If you’re not sure what to choose or there’s no special occasion (you shouldn’t wait for a holiday to bring happiness to a loved one!), visit the Bestsellers section. There, you’ll see the options people order the most.

How Do I Personalize My Card?

The process is super-simple. Provide a message of 100 characters in total (25 per line) during checkout. It’s easy, and all directions are there in the order form.

The good news is, your personalization is completely free of charge!

And if you’re interested in sweet extras for your gifts, there are lots of opportunities to add them. Just as stated on “We are here to help you celebrate every precious moment.”

What Are the Delivery Options?

First of all, a small announcement. Flowercard is partnering with Royal Mail in terms of delivery. 99% of the next-day deliveries get to their recipients right on time. However, as the UK is on lockdown (again, we know), the company asks for patience and understanding in situations of slight delays.

We can’t imagine how they manage to deliver 99% orders on time, given that most people order blooms right before the occasion. But that’s quite a percentage!

Okay, back to business.

There are two main delivery options:

  1. First Class Express Delivery.
    This option will cost you £6. The flower card will get to the recipient in 2-3 days from the despatch date. If you order on Friday, chances are the flowers will be delivered on Saturday, but no later than Monday. For the same-day despatch, make sure you order before 4 pm.
  2. Special Delivery.
    This option will cost £9. Your order will get to the recipient on the next day, given you complete it by 3:30 pm the day before. The delivery person will need a signature. It’s important to remember that the despatch date is the one you choose during the order, not the delivery date.

Keep in mind that there are no deliveries on Sundays and bank holidays, excluding some special occasions when some additional delivery options can be available.

Choose the Most Reliable Flower Card Service

As specialists in looking for gems in the flower delivery industry, we highly recommend Flowercard. With 4.5/5 from Trustpilot, it’s one of the most trusted companies in the UK. Gorgeous designs, fresh blooms, talented experts working for the service will definitely make your occasion super-special.